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We are Real Talk, a group of teens living in upstate New York who work together to make a difference in our communities.  Our goal is reduce teen pregnancy, HIV, and STDs among teens and help them build skills in technology and personal skills to reach their personal goals. We created this whole website: all the projects, all the pictures, all the pages and games and videos, and we hope it helps other teens like us!


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I didn’t want nobody, not my friends and especially my parents, to find out I needed to get HIV/STI tested. Turns out, it’s confidential and nobody will ever know my business!

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At 16, I’m not ready to have a baby.  I got plans.  So I learned everything I could about preventing pregnancy.

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I was having discomfort “down there” and then I came across a Real Talk post on FB and discovered that their agency confidentially helps and offers great health services and resources.

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I’m only 15, so who’s gonna give me a job? Found some great tips to get me on my way to some money in my pocket!


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